10 Long Lens (free)

Long Lens

Long lens, aka Telephoto is a lens with focal length of 120mm to 300mm and above. Long lens make objects appear closer to the camera in a way similar to a binocular. That’s why usually your camera will need to be positioned further away from the subject of your shot. example of an image captured with long lens Long lenses tend to have a shallow depth of field – only small fraction of an image will be in focus. The background will appear blurry. Long lens will take longer time to focus and will usually require you to use a faster shutter speed. A good rule is to use a shutter speed 1/focal length of the lens. For example, for 600mm lens: a shutter speed of at least 1/600. Hovewer, you are welcome to experiment, especially if you’re using a tripod. example of an image captured with long lens Tip: When shooting a portrait with long lens (just like any other lens) make sure to focus on the eyes of a person you’re photographing. Eyes tend to be the first thing we look at on a photograph and when the depth of field is very shallow you want the eyes to be the most sharp part of an image. Next: Composition go back
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