Wide Lens

On a full-frame camera, any lens with a focal length of 35mm or wider is considered a wide lens. On a crop sensor camera, wide-angle lenses start at around 24mm. Lenses with 24mm or wider are called ultra-wide and lenses between 8mm and 15mm that create extreme hemispherical distortion are called “fisheye”.

example of an image captured with wide lens

Wide lenses have a very wide field of view so they are usually used to capture landscape, cityscape, and architecture. Wide lenses have a great depth of field, which means usually everything from the foreground to the background will be in focus.

example of an image captured with wide lens

Wide lenses are known to create an image distortion - objects that are located closer to the camera will appear much larger than objects further away. Because of this, wide lenses are not usually used to take portraits, unless the photographer intentionally going after the distortion effect as seen in an image above.

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